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Reflexology charts can be useful to show the sorts of manipulation of your body parts that need to be done. This chart is intended to assist you as you start to use reflexology and it'll keep you on track. A Reflexology chart is a chart that will take the place of all the other charts.

This chart will guide you through the motions that are essential for reflexology, assisting you to pick the right actions for each of the muscles. This way you'll have the ability to perform each of the various methods without difficulty. This chart will not only assist you in choosing the right actions, but also enable you to learn which things work best for you.


Reflexology chart can be used to gauge the flow of pressure or energy which is necessary for you to perform the various actions that will be used during reflexology. You will have the ability to see which type of pressure and energy is present, helping you to know which ones need to be used. This will also allow you to determine which action to perform when, so you will be able to use those with greater effectiveness.

The chart will allow you to identify and choose the body movements that will be required, when using the methods that will be used. You'll also have the ability to pick the best points to focus on and, thus, you will be able to do the appropriate ones. You will also be able to use the chart to show what things to look for when doing the various procedures.

Reflexology is used for various health reasons, such as being able to find the correct pressure hand pressure points to use for certain muscle groups. As an example, your legs might require pressure applied when performing leg massage, and your arms might want to be massaged when using hand methods.

There are various reasons why individuals might want to do reflexology. They might want to doit because they have issues with their back, stomach, shoulder, hands, legs, or other areas. These may be to help them find relief from pain or alleviate anxiety.

When you begin to use the chart, you will have the ability to decide whether you need to use one for your clinic. For some folks, it is going to be better to have several charts, so they can just refer to the one which they are using. You can use those that you are knowledgeable about, as they'll still help you to learn the body's areas, so they will have the ability to identify the changes you will need to make.